Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Miss Kimora

It doesn't matter what magazine does an article on Ms. Kimora Lee Simmons (and when the magazine does an article it must be a very slow month) all she does is go on and on about herself, what she owns, how much she spends, how big her closet is, her "darling" little drastically spoiled daughters...who the hell cares?

Only once is it mentioned that she supports any charitible cause - Dress For Success. God bless her for having her housekeeper clean out her closet and have the chauffeur deliver her expensive cast-offs to DFS. At least she makes an attempt to fein charity. I think she has become her own cause. Hey, I'll take the cast off Chanel jacket from last season that you wouldn't be caught dead in.

Does Kimora ever read what is written about her? Does she realize in EVERY article she comes off as a spoiled, self-centered, arrogant, rich...bitch?

I think Russell Simmons was the smart one and cut out the cancer and ran before it spread - Kimora Lee Simmons - of course, when she and Russell divorced, she kept his famous last name and most likely a lot of his money.

It never ceases to amaze me her continuing sheer arrogance and egotism.
An article on her "fabulocity" appears in the September issue of In Style bragging about her 49,000 square foot home her perfectly arranged and orderly rooms and her collection of designer shoes she buys "ten pairs at a time". 49,000 square feet?
The article goes on and on about her orderly clothes closets and her designer accoutrements (am I using words that are too big KLS?) and her homage to excess. Man, we all need to get us one of them 49,000 square foot cribs. Doesn't everyone need that?

Give me a break.

Shame on her and shame on In Style for their journey into idiocracy. Yes, it is a fashion/style magazine but do they really want to be known as the Enquirer of style or the Penthouse of fashion publications?

Britney Loses Her Kids

GOOD! It takes a lot for a judge to remove young children from their mother at the time when they need her the most and at a very crucial point in their development. I applaud the judge for treating her like a normal person who broke the rules and not like some rich or famous celebrity who thinks they are above it all.

She's not, no matter if in her warped little mind she thinks she is. And isn't that the subject - her warped mind? She needs help, a lot of it and she's not getting it.

Now the word is that she is on suicide watch...I guess threatening suicide is her way of trying to get her children back...How about stopping your drugging, boozing, head shaving, hit and run, sleeping through performances like the MTV awards ways. Get your head into rehab and counseling and your ass in the gym.

You got what you wanted - to be a star- and you have flushed it down the toilet. Look, it isn't like you are the greatest talent to come along - both your singing and your dancing are just passable, so why you would monkey with that is beyond me.

Who would have thought K-Fed would have ended up being the responsible one? Guess he fooled us all. I wish him the best of luck, because he is going to need it.