Monday, August 13, 2007

Bono Makes the News - Again

I love U2. Three of their CDs are in my car and the rest of their music collection is in my home. But the other day, as I watched the CNN crawl across the screen, the news was about Bono complaining that his neighbor's fireplace smoke was wafting into his New York Penthouse. I imagine that was really annoying and I also imagine that a good fireplace technician could diagnose and fix the problem relatively quickly. Was that little tidbit of news so dire and so important that CNN had to broadcast it across the screen like Breaking News? Sometimes I think the media needs to get a life. Do the media think we are so starved for infotainment that anything is news? I know that the public likes to eat up any and every morsel of news or gossip they can get on someone famous, but give us a break! What about the soldiers that gave their lives for their country that day? Have we become immune to loss of life? What about the plight of the African people, AIDS, cancer, rainforest devastation, animal cruelty? Was it really your intention to make news regarding your fireplace, Mr. Hewson? I hope not. I know your heart's in the right place and you have done amazing humanitarian work but say it ain't so that you intended to regale us with your domestic woes.

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