Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Karl Lagerfeld was channeling the ghost of Michael Jackson past in March’s issue of Bazaar. He was photographed wearing what looked like a silver driving glove and matching belt buckle. (Excusez-moi, maybe this was a $1400 Swarovsky encrusted piece of art. Maybe I am too gauche to recognize it.)

Madame Victoria Beckham set poker straight with nary a smile on her face at the Paris Spring Collections, next to a grinning, slumped Katie Holmes. I guess her comportment lessons weren’t quite over. (Ms. Beckham has been recently quoted that she will try to smile more now that she is in America. A smile doesn't hurt no matter what country you happen to reside in.)

Does wearing sunglasses constantly in or out of doors (“the lights are too bright!”) constitute the ability to design them? Ms. Beckham’s saucer size sunglasses look like a throw back from the late 60’s, early 70’s. I'm not talking about the wonderful wrap arounds that shade delicate skin from the ravages of the sun, I'm talking about sunglasses the size of drink coasters. My mother wore them then and they still look ridiculous 30 years later, especially on the emaciated visages of today’s celebrities. Some fashions need to stay dead and buried not be revived.

Kudos to Isaac Mizrahi’s designer handbag line, he “…tried not to be so trendy” and it worked! Regular gals might have to save their sheckles for a while to afford one ($695) but they have a classic, long term feel for those of us that don’t rotate our wardrobe every season.

Do “Hollywood” types know how much the rest of the world abhors their decadent, pompous, over privileged, excessive lifestyles? Some do dig deep into their pockets to make a contribution to the world while reaping the benefits of their talents. Others seem to live to appear on the next cover of Vogue, People or Star magazines.

Had a baby? Brava! So did my neighbor and she had twins with no nanny and a husband with two jobs. Funny thing is, they’re happy sans villa, trips to San Tropez, a yacht and famous friends to name drop. How can that be? (Are ya listening, Harpo?)

Karma is a bitch, folks, what goes up must come down, so get it while you can because the flavor of the month is around the corner and soon you’ll be old news. Your show will be cancelled, you film will go direct to video, you CD will end up in the bargain rack at Walmart, your knees will give out and you’ll end up relying on living closer to the common folk. So how about a reality check?

Needless to say, I have the incomparable honor to know several Hollywood heavy hitters and they couldn't be more talented, humble and thankful. Wish I could name drop because they are great examples of what is right with LALALAND.

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