Wednesday, August 8, 2007

They NEED Boundaries!

I had a parent ask me what I meant by boundaries when I was talking about my 8 year old son. Some parents should be required to have a license before they have kids. Boundaries, my dear, mean you set limits and don’t let your little darling walk all over you, hit you, throw tantrums in public, break things in your home and at friend’s homes, demand everything in sight and get it. Boundaries mean he is taught how to treat others and learns that the entire universe doesn’t revolve around him. Boundaries mean he doesn’t sit on his lazy butt playing WII all day long while you run around like a madwoman attending to his every whim. Boundaries mean if he is cheeky with you he has consequences. Boundaries mean that if he doesn’t behave himself when he is visiting my home and doesn’t respect my property, my belongings and my child, he is banned from it. Boundaries mean he doesn’t behave like a spoiled brat every second of the day because he never learned otherwise. He NEEDS boundaries. You need boundaries. And if you don’t recognize that, you need therapy because he is going to be in jail, hooked on drugs or an alcoholic by the time he is 17. Don’t believe me? Open your eyes and look around, evidence of it makes the papers everyday.

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