Friday, August 24, 2007

"Musical Artist" Eve

Did anyone happen to catch “musical artist” Eve’s performance for Good Morning America’s Summer Performances in Bryant Park in New York?

I watched Eve and her backup dancers' performance in amazement.

It was like a bad parody.

The only members of the audience who actually seemed to get into the hip hop/rap number were the ones right down front who had been instructed to jump up and down and smile and look like they were enjoying themselves, while Eve yelled her way unintelligibly through the number and her back up dancers sashayed around opening and closing their legs like they were working a Thigh master. The camera made sure not to focus on most of the audience members because they stood stick still.

It really was laughable…I thought “is this an excerpt from Saturday Night Live?”. But then realized it was outdoors, during the day.

Don’t get me wrong there are a LOT of rap and hip hop artists that I think are “THE BOMB”, so to speak, but Eve is not one of them.

Her bleached blonde ‘do and net gloves were a misguided choice. I would have fired my stylist. I have seen Eve in other performances and in films and must admit she has been MUCH better.

The song choice was ludicrous and I don’t mean the rapper. Either Eve is getting some rotten advice OR not getting the right advice when she needs it. The staccato lyrics in the song were repeated OVER AND OVER again like the songwriter ran out of ideas and had to crank the song out to get it on her CD. The music track sounded sampled from another, better, hit song and the backup singers sounded like grunting animals.

So chalk one up for the media machine who not only made GMAC look bad but made Eve look bad, too.

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