Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Katie Waxes Poetic

As I read the cover story in March’s Bazaar Magazine on Katie Holmes, I had to put down my salad fork and stifle the gag reflex. Here’s cutie pie Katie – formerly of the evening soap, Dawson’s Creek, and several forgettable films- at the youthful age of 28 waxing poetically about some designer’s spring collection and her new best pal Victoria Beckham. “You need to have different items to distinguish the days.” When did she become a fashion guru/expert? I guess since her marriage to, as she describes it, “ the biggest movie star ever...”, Tom Cruise.

I don’t know what planet she came from but the last I heard embarrassing yourself publicly and being a stalwart member of a very questionable and controversial “religion” (did you know L. Ron Hubbard, before his disappearance, had his own navy, crewed by young ladies in skimpy naval outfits? He siphoned his religion from writing Science Fiction) does not the biggest movie star make.

Tom saw his heyday from Risky Business to before the debacles Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut. (OK, I’ll give him that the Mission Impossible franchise is a winner, but so was any Stephen Segal action film!) Maybe by taking over a major film studio he will increase his odds of doing award worthy films OR completely sink his career. Who knows what to expect from Mr. Cruise? Excuse me, am I being too glib? Do ya know what glib means?

He has done a great job of turning a lovely, unaffected young actress into a status seeking Hollywood wife. The publicity of her pregnancy, the secrecy of Baby Suri and their subsequent marriage had to help their image or at least keep them in the public eye.

Don’t get me wrong, they may be lovely people but no common folk will ever get close enough to know. Katie made a point, in the same Bazaar article, of letting us know she knows Helen Mirren “she’s a friend of mine.” Of course she is…what famous, rich, talented person isn’t, Katie? The upshot of Helen Mirren being a friend may be that she will help reel impressionable Katie in before she becomes another arrogant Hollywood elitist. I say, ‘Bon Chance!”.

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