Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cellphones and Phil Hartman

Yesterday was bright and sunny! A welcomed relief from the usual rainy, dark, spring days in Western Canada. The window on the driver's side of my car was down, the radio was playing pop music and my son was chattering in the backseat. We were headed to our favorite neighborhood restaurant for Friday lunch. I placed my cell phone on the dashboard after talking with my husband. As I made a right turn my phone (in slow motion) slid all the way across the dashboard at just the right angle and trajectory, out of the driver's window and onto the street. It landed smack dab in the middle of the lane of oncoming traffic. I quickly pulled over. I carefully jumped out of the car, making sure I did not become a statistic, and watched as my phone was run over by a moving van. Then a car. Argh, this is not happening. Luckily, this was a 2 lane, surface street near a school so I did not take my life into my hands when I approached what I was certain was a pile of glass, fragmented plastic and wires. The next oncoming car stopped, mercifully. To my complete surprise the phone was STILL WORKING. Although the back cover was bent and mis-shapen and the glass plate was cracked, it still worked. That is a commercial if I have EVER seen one. I am going to call the cell phone manufacturer (NOKIA) and tell them what a sturdy product they have made. In the past, I have a history with cell last one was dropped off a boat, into the Pacific Ocean, by Phil Hartman, the week before he died. Don't ask.

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